September #Minsgame

For me September brings with a feeling of a fresh start as it is the beginning of a new school year and things get back into a routine. So it felt like the right time to do another minsgame . For those who haven’t heard of a Minsgame, it is a decluttering game that The Minamilists, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, came up with to help people declutter their belongings. On Day 1 you get rid of one thing, day 2 two things, day 3 three things and so on until you have done 30 days in a row and consequently decluttered 465 items from your home. If you challenge someone else to do it then this can keep the pressure on to finish. I have dove two Minsgame a so far – my first was in May this year when I decluttered books, magazines and newspapers. My second was in July when it was a mixture of music and other miscellaneous stuff. This time I want to revisit a few categories that I’ve started on but not fully finished principally toys, books, clothes and music. Since the kids are back in school it’s a great opportunity to declutter toys 😆

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