My Clothes Decluttering Continued

So how did I go about culling my wardrobe? Well this was the thought process I went through:

  • Anything with a hole or tear or fray or hard to remove stain or badly faded in colour then they were first to go.
  • Anything that was two sizes too small for me or two sizes too big for me also had to go (excluding sentimental items). I didn’t see the point any more having clothes that didn’t look well on me taking up valuable space in my closet any more.
  • Shoes that were not comfortable. I decided life is too short to be dealing with sore feet, blisters, sole burn etc from wearing uncomfortable shoes.
  • Shoes that I had multiple pairs of colour/type. e.g. flip flops. I think I kept three pairs of flip flops hesitantly while the rest went. Still too many in my mind but will cull again I’m sure.
  • After the above I was left with what was really my central wardrobe of clothes and shoes and with these I tried most of them on to decide if I liked it in general and if I liked how it looked and felt on me.

Amazingly after working through all of the above points, I got rid of a lot of my clothes and freed up so much space. But I was still left with just over 100 items of clothes and shoes. However I felt that I wanted to live with everything remaining for the next few months before I did any further cull. And sure enough I already know I will do another cull but I’ve other decluttering categories to tackle before I go back to do this.

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