My Clothes Decluttering

So I started my decluttering journey with my clothes. Marie Kondo suggests to start with this category in her book ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying’ but it was the most logical place for me to start in any event. I had heaps of clothes. As someone who has gone up and down the scales over the years, I found that I had four sizes of clothes in my closet. When your someone whose weight fluctuates I always felt I should hold on to clothes ‘Just in case’ I put on weight or ‘Just in case’ I lost weight. I had clothes that fit me, clothes that were too big, clothes that were too small and clothes I was keeping for sentimental reasons. I parked most of the sentimental stuff as I wasn’t ready to tackle them. But I was taking up three wardrobes, two under bed storage drawers, a chest of drawers and a tall boy with all my clothes so I had to make a start. When I started going through it I got through it relatively easily because I was so sick of looking at my closet bulging with clothes yet feeling like I had nothing to wear. So over 5 weeks I gradually purged my clothes and shoes. That was 12 weeks ago and I haven’t missed any of it. In fact it has only been positive:

  1. I save time deciding what to wear in the morning and when I am going out at night. Deciding what to wear isn’t an ordeal any more.
  2. I like everything in my closet now and feel good wearing everything. So I have more choice than I ever had before.
  3. I freed up two wardrobes and two under bed storage drawers. I know what I have and where I have it.

While I got rid of a lot of clothes I still kept more than enough – in fact too much. In the past 12 weeks I have still probably only worn half of the clothes in my closet. So I’ll do another purge soon to get it down even further because I know I can and I can feel the benefits.

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